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How to Maintain a Positive Attitude Before and During Exams

Pray. Study. Eat. Study. Play. Relax. Eat. Study. Free. Play. Study. Pray.”
My advice to a student who study for exams)

A certain amount of stress can be a good thing. Stress can makes your body and mind alert and give you energy and motivations to do your best. Some students (based on my own experiences and what students told me), however, experience too much stress before and during exams, especially mid-terms and finals, that results in lower grades or pointers.

Worry that cause by stress can makes you sweating, nausea, dizziness, headaches and fatigue. It can reduce your ability to concentrate and make you feel overwhelmed and depressed. But you can minimize your worry by preparation thoroughly and building a positive attitude.

For preparation before exams, I let you think for yourself. You know how you can study best – your own techniques and methods. But for maintaining positive attitude, which I’m more concern about, I have few suggestions:

See the Test as an Opportunity to Learn
[Melihat Ujian itu sebagai Peluang untuk Belajar]
All too often, students view tests as contests that they either “win” or “lose” (“pass” or “fail”). If you see a test as an opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn, mastering the material of your studies will be more important than “winning”.

Understand that Tests Measure Performance, Not Personal Value
[Sedar bahawa Ujian ialah Untuk Menguji Kebolehan, Bukan Untuk Menilai Keperibadian]
Your grades or pointers do not reflect your ability to succeed in life. Remember this: whether you get an A or an F, you are still the same person (As Christ follower, you’re still loved by God no matter what).

Appreciate Your Lecturer’s Purpose
[Menghargai Tujuan Guru atau Pensyarah Kamu]
To a good lecturers or instructors, exams are opportunities for students to show what they know, not chances for them to make students’ life more difficult. Good lecturers want to help you succeed, so don’t hesitate to visit them during office hours and send e-mail (or inbox their Facebook) questions to clarify materials before tests [P.s: I love when people ask me questions about Christianity and their faith in Christ. I desire that people not just read my blog entries or simply listen to me while doing Bible studies but also ask questions. Even if I can’t answer all of them I’m happy that people really want to know and learn more. I guess that is what good lecturers desire their students to do too].

Seek Study Partners who challenge You
[Mencari Rakan-Rakan Belajar yang Sentiasa Mendorong Kamu]
Find study partners who can inspire you to do your best. Try to avoid people who are also stressful and lazy, because you may pick up their negative feelings and attitudes. Be friend with many, but be friend only with those who are hardworking, positive and who can inspire you when you want to find study partners.

Set Yourself Up for Success
[Mengingin Kejayaan bagi Diri Kamu Sendiri]
Expect progress and success – not failure. Take responsibility for the outcome of your exams through your work and attitude. Know that, you are responsible for the outcome.

Practice Relaxation
[Praktis untuk Menenangkan Diri]
When you feel your stress or worry mounting up, breathe deeply, close your eyes, and think of what would happen if you get a good result; God will be glorified, your parents will be proud of you, you may inspire others to do well too etc. Try to ease muscle tension – stretch your neck, tighten and then release your muscles. Get some exercise. Relax.

Pray and Practice Positive Self-Talk
[Berdoa and Praktis untuk Berkata Sesuatu yang Mendorong Diri Sendiri]
Tell yourself that you can do well, that studying will pay off in the form of a good grade, and that it is normal to feel worry (that leads to positive actions), particularly before an important exam. As you walk into the testing room, give yourself a ‘talk’ that builds self-confidence, something likes, “I’ve study hard for this and I’m going to pour out the best as I can”; or get rid of perfection mentality inside you by telling yourself: “I don’t have to get a perfect score, I just have to do my best”.
And one indispensible thing that you have to do before, during and after every exam is this – Pray “God, help me to remember what I’ve learn. Help me to rely and trust in You. Amen” Pray builds God-given-confidence in you. No matter how positive our thinking and attitude will be God is the One who gives us our successes and failures. Always bear in mind that God is sovereign over all the outcomes in our lives; but that doesn’t excuse us not to take responsibility to do our best. Pray.

Whatever you do (that include exams!), do it for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31)
It is better to failed your exam even though you’d study hard
then to failed because you’re lazy to study and unprepared;
but blessed are those who study well and passed their exam.
Maintain your positive attitude. Do your best! God be with you. Amen.
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