Saturday, November 23, 2013

Is Jesus alive today?

Is Jesus alive today? You might think it’s a foolish question. After all, Jesus was born more than two-thousand years ago and His death remains the most publicized, violent, and infamous execution in history. Jesus was an extraordinary man, but even the best of men do not return from the dead; however, for two millennia now many people have said Jesus did just that.

Today more than two billion people worship Him as the living God. Some are scientists or teachers; other shines shoes or works the night shift. Some are rich; others are poor. Some reflected deeply on challenges to Christianity before casting their lot with Jesus; other believed without investigating. With one voice this diverse throng testifies that Jesus is alive today. Is this a credible belief? What does the evidence say, and why should it matter to you?

This book provides brief but solid answers to questions about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It also includes an essay from Lee Strobel, best-selling author of The Case of Christ. Strobel recounts how his investigation of the evidence caused him to shift from atheism to belief in Christ.

Also included is the text of the Gospel of John with study notes from The Apologetics Study Bible, a study aid designed to answer objections to Christianity. Is Jesus alive today? Begin you quest for answer inside.
[From paperback notes on Is Jesus Alive Today? Copyright (a) 2008 by Holman Bible Publishers. Nashville, Tenessee. Alright reserved]

This month of November 2013, I would like to offer my readers (ONLY) 3 BOOKS entitled “Is Jesus Alive Today? The Evidence and Why It Matters to You
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  1. “Rich, give me one copy (Samuel Tam). I hope that through this book I can tell others that the resurrection is not a myth or made up story. It's real.

    1. Thank you for requesting this book :) Yes, Samuel, I will have it.

    2. I need your postal address to send you the book.

  2. Rich, give me one copy (Elijah Loh). I hope that through this book I can debunk the lies about Jesus remaining dead and declare to others the realness of Christ being alive. Yeah! ;)


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