Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Deity of Christ

A voice from heaven said, ‘You are my dearly loved Son,
and you bring me great joy” (Luke 3:22, NLT)

Oswald Sanders, in his book Christ Incomparable, tells of an outstanding Brahmin scholar disturbed by the progress of the Christian faith among his people in India. He decided to do all in his power to combat it. After careful consideration he decided to prepare a pamphlet that would set forth the weaknesses and failings of Jesus. With this purpose in mind, he purchased a New Testament and began a careful study of it. For eleven years he pursued his search for some inconsistency or weakness in the life of Jesus. Not only was he unsuccessful, but he was more and more convinced that the One he sought to discredit was indeed the Son of God. He accepted His as his Savior. What a successful failure story!

Not Jesus real image,
This is just an artist portrait of Him
F.F. Bruce and W.J. Martin wrote, “The belief of the deity of Christ is derived directly from statements concerning Him in the Bible. The references are so many and their meaning so plain that Christians of every shade of opinion have always regarded its affirmation as an absolute and indispensable requisite of their faith. It is proclaimed in the very first sermon of the infant church (Acts 2:36)…; while in the last vision of the book of Revelation the Lamb occupying one throne with God (Revelation 22:3) can betoken only essential oneness.

The Bread of Life,
The Water of Life,
The Fountain of Life,
The Light of Life,
The Path of Life,
The Way of Life,
The Prince of Life,
The Prince of Peace,
The Prince of the kings of the earth.
Jesus Christ, the Son of God!
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