Friday, February 28, 2014

Spiritual Living in a Secular World (Free Books Inside)

It was the book and particularly the character of Daniel that strengthen my faith in Christ when I worked as assistance manager in the entertainment industry for almost 2 years ago (Before I joined the full-time ministry). By God’s Word encouragements, I get to witness for Christ in my workplace (with my ups and downs of course). I hope that this book can encourage you to read and practice the Book of Daniel in your life.” (RA)

Christians today often feel without a voice: a minority in an indifferent world. Should we withdraw? Get stuck in, despite blurred boundaries? Like the Israelites in Babylon, for many of us this is a time of temptation and defeat.

Ajith Fernando’s Spiritual Living in a Secular World engaging book uses the experience of the young Israelite, Daniel. Daniel and his companions were the elite: young men of outstanding ability. God put them in a position where their names – their very identity – were changed to fit Babylonian culture. They learned pagan languages and became steeped in Babylonian society.

Yet they did not compromise. They avoided the opposite traps of isolation and accommodation, preferring instead the option of obedient involvement. By their radical obedience they proclaimed that the Kingdom of God is alive and well – and so can we.

This month of March 2014, I would like to offer you 3 BOOKS (ONLY) entitled Spiritual Living in a Secular World by Ajith Fernando.

You are welcome to get a copy of this book for yourself by simply do these 2 things:

First, comment below “Rich, give me one copy (Your name). I hope that through this book I can… [Not less than 10 words]”

Then, send message to my inbox Facebook account your real name, phone no. and your postal address. [For book distribution purposes only] Thank you.


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  1. Example,

    Rich, give me one copy (Richard). I hope that through this book I can be more faithful in my witness for Christ in the workplace. I want to stand firm for Him and may this book will also aid to my reading of the Book of Daniel.

  2. Rich, give me one copy (Samuel Tam). I hope that through this book I can understand more about living my life spiritually in a non-spiritual world, plus I want to be a witness of what God has done for me in my everyday, be it at workplace or in any condition I'm in. (p/s: sorry that I didn't manage to give my address last time. Huhu)

  3. Rich, give me one copy (Jason). I hope that through this book i can see more of life from other perspective and begin appreciating life more than ever,changing me first instead of trying to change others around me. Thanks.


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