Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Timorese Student Explore the Art of Reading

I rewrite this article from a Timorese student name Natalia Reali because it is very good written. I have asked for permission from Jovem Bravo Magazine (First Edition I/XI/2012, page 13), a Timor Leste English-Tetun magazine, to post this article in my blog.

Now, I know that when we get to this certain age in our teens, most of us tend to think that reading is boring, or is just homework, but I hope to prove you wrong. I am already a teenager and I love reading! Reading for me is a way to broaden your vocabulary, to learn new things and even to be able to travel without needing to leave your room! Some books can captivate you on the very first page. They sometimes include characters that are going through the exact same thing as you. Books can make you feel all the emotions the characters are going through, they can invite you in to live the fairytale along with them.

Books can allow you to travel the world at every page, they can make you smell things, feel things, hear things and see them. I personally find reading a book way more effective then watching a movie. A book is more personal and it allows you to leave some things to the imagination. Books are also great for other things, books for one inspired and still inspire me to do great things, like I am sure I want to become a published author one day. Books can teach you lessons, give you ideas and tell stories at the same time!

Nowadays getting a book is so easy! There are public libraries in Dili such as ‘Xanana Gusmão Reading Room’ or ‘Camões Institute’ at UNTL, where you can borrow a book for a few weeks. You can also download books for free from the internet and read them in any computer. It is easy to access them online, so we have the freedom to do so, and already be able to have a book in a few minutes. There are also already a few public places in Dili where you can get free internet (like the ‘Lecidere Garden).

There is a really good website where you can find over 36,000 books for free ( This website is named in the memory of Johannes Gutenberg, a famous German inventor who made the first book that wasn’t handwritten. He was born in 1398 and died at around 1446 (approximately 70 years old). This was a very famous discovery because before that, only the rich were able to afford books, because they were handwritten and cost a fortune. The first book he made using his invention was the Bible (known as the Gutenberg Bible).

Now I challenge you to immerse yourself in a fantastic world of reading and discover how much fun you can get from home with a book in your hands!

I, Richard, challenge you too!
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