Sunday, June 1, 2014

12 Advice to Pastors

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"To aspire to leadership is an honourable ambition"
(1 Timothy 3:1, NEB)

J. Oswald Sanders have 12 advice to pastors:
  1. Treasure people who will pray for you every day. 
  2. Keep up your spiritual reading. 
  3. Trust the sovereignty of God in your life. 
  4. Be an early riser and a time miser. Use little gaps to best advantage. 
  5. Always have a little more than you can comfortably cope with. 
  6. Be willing to step out and do something for which you feel inadequate. 
  7. Never lose the desire to grow. On retirement, the Lord has something better. 
  8. Watch you attitude toward failure. 
  9. Accept the disciplines of God. Suffering tempers us all. 
  10. Don’t let finance play a big part in your decisions. 
  11. As a pastor, limit your counseling and major on the Word of God and prayer. Keep up your study of the Word. Don’t neglect the Old Testament. 
  12. Minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. The secret of the fullness of the Holy Spirit is a yielded life.
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