Monday, June 2, 2014

Practice Authentic Facebooking

I quote this from Jesse Rice’s The Church on Facebook,

“Because Facebook is an environment that typically rewards the most clever or the most willing to risk self-revelation, we can sometimes exaggerate or downplay certain things about ourselves to get a response. Likewise, we can be tempted to ‘overshare’ ourselves with others in order to get and/or keep their attention. Obviously, most of this is good fun. We can certainly take ourselves too seriously, even in such a playful environment, and that would not help any of us.

But many of our relationships are starving for a lack of authentic interaction. One quick way we can practice ‘authentic Facebooking’: Take a look at your profile – the picture you’ve posted, the information you’ve shared. Does the content reflect your God-given nature? Is it ‘true’ to who you really are? If you’re funny, be funny. If you’re artistic, be artistic. If you’re neither, just be you. This can be applied to your interaction with others, too, whether in a wall-post, a message, or a status update. Are you being ‘you’ in the way you interact with your Facebook friends?”
[Jesse Rice, The Church of Facebook (Colorado Spring: David C. Cook, 2009) pg. 213-214]

The Question is:
Are you being ‘you’ in the way you interact with your Facebook friends?

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