Sunday, June 1, 2014

We Need a New God!

When we declare this wonderful reality – that God Himself is all we need – we may be accused as trite and simplistic, at least, I was. That accusation may prove to be correct unless we show how He actually becomes our life and all in daily practice, and unless those of who proclaim Him alone begin showing Him in our daily walk to be genuinely all we need.

For this to happen require that we have a new God! Now, relax, please forgive me for this overstatement. But there’s a sense in which it really is so. We need to see our God as He is, not as we’re been seeing Him (or make-to-believe who He is). When our view of Him has been corrected, we’ll have quite a different God than we had before.

So many people view Him like the law really is, a hard taskmaster, a universe policeman, an angry grandfather. Some people however view Him from another extreme, an eternal smiling master, always forgiving judge, a never-get-angry father. But we seldom get the balance idea – who He really is – that He is our loving and righteous heavenly Father, God of justice and mercy, always near and yet far from us, to soothe the hurts and wound the enemies, to encourage and warning, to uplift the humble and downlift the proud, He is to transform the believers and condemned the unbelievers. He is known-able and understandable, and yet His ways and His wills are mysteries. He is wonderful and horrible. God of order and unpredictable. Meek and yet powerful. Humble and yet worship-seeker. Sovereign and yet freedom-giver.

To know God as He is, we need to go to the basic – the Scriptures. Sometime our view and idea of God is not from the Scriptures but from other secondary or secondhand source such as devotional books, out-of-context sermons or quotes, movies, etc. Yes, we may also know something about God from those and from nature, art, conscious, reason, experience or collective experience and prayer. But the final, complete, reliable source, of course, is the Scripture. And as we can see, the Scripture is not the end; Christ is the ultimate mean to know God. Jesus said, “You study the Scriptures, because you think that in them you will find eternal life. And these very Scriptures speak about me!” (John 5:39). If you go the Scripture, you’ll know Jesus, and if you know Jesus you’ll know God.

When we have a new God, see God as He is, know God from the Scriptures that “speak about Christ” we’ll have this assurance of our salvation in Him, a genuine daily life with Him and the confidence of declaring this wonderful reality – that God Himself is all we need. Why? Because we know Him. For this to happen we require to have a new God by discovering or rediscovering the Scripture firsthand. For this to REALLY happen, God must move first. To this, Lord helps us. Amen.

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