Thursday, July 31, 2014

God is Looking for the Weak and Little Men

When someone asked Francis of Assisi why and how he could accomplish so much, he replied: “This may be why. The Lord looked down from heaven upon the earth and said, ‘Where can I find the weakest, the littlest, the poorest man on the face of the earth?’ Then He saw me and said, ‘Now I’ve found him, and will work through him. He won’t be proud of it. He’ll see that I am only using him because of his littleness and insignificance.’

S. Craig Glickman explains, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself than you are. Nor is humility always talking about your faults and shortcomings as compared with everyone else’s superiority and achievements. Humility is simply a recognition of the truth about ourselves and then most often, a forgetfulness of self that allows genuine concern for others and a genuine worship of God.” Humility is not denying the power you have. It is realizing that the power comes through you, not from you; a feeling that the greatness is not in you but through you; that you could not do or be anything else than God made you for.

I used to think that God’s gifts were on shelves one above the other; and that the taller we grew in Christian character, the easier we could reach them,” writes F.B. Meyer a Bible teacher. He then continues, “I now find that God’s gifts are on shelves one beneath the other; and that it is not a question of growing taller but of stooping lower; and that we have to go down, always down, to get His best gifts.” Yes, in the Kingdom of God, the lowest are the highest. Be humble.

Those who exalt themselves will be humbled,
and those who humble themselves will be exalted” said my Lord Jesus
(Matthew 23:12, NLT).

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