Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Athanasius Against All the World: Interest or Commitment?

Athanasius, early bishop of Alexandria, opposed the teaching of Arius who declared that Christ was not the eternal Son of God but a subordinate being. Hounded through five exiles for his faith in the full deity of Jesus Christ, Athanasius was finally summoned before Emperor Theodosius, who demanded he stop opposing the teaching of Arius.

Athanasius firmly refused, so the emperor bitterly reproved him and sternly asked, “Do you not realize that all the world is against you?” Athanasius quickly answered, “Then I am against all the world!”

What a commitment to the Lord Jesus! Anthansius was not afraid of telling and defending the truth even the whole world (as if) was against him. You see, there are lots of difference between those who just interested of being Christians and those who really committed Christians. For example, when you’re just interested, you profess to be Christian only when circumstances are right and good. But when you’re truly committed to the faith, you will stand firm, defending the truth as you see clearly in the Scripture, your passion for God’s honor and glory consume you and even when people around you may backsliding and you’re left alone, those who are committed will say, “I will not move. I’m committed to the Lord even the world is against me!

Are you just interest to be a Christian
Or are you truly committed Christian?
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