Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Faith Secures, Doubt Shut the Doors

I know that this might never happen, but what if our government high official says, “Come graduates, go to our nearby PTPTN office on Saturday between 10am to 1pm, we will cancel your entire education loan!” How would you respond? Unbelievable, right? I think so. But here is true story: I read that Lord Congleton of Dublin once devised a clever plan for teaching his tenants how faith secures forgiveness of sins, while unbelief shuts one out from the benefits of the Gospel. Many who owed him several years’ rent were expecting severe action in the court. Instead, he posted a notice promising remission of back dues to any who would meet him on a certain day before twelve noon. One the designated day, he sat in his office waiting their response. They crowded the street, whispering and talking, but not one of them entered the open door. Just a few minutes before twelve o’clock, a tenant who had been delayed came running in to ask for his receipt.

Do you really expect to be forgiven for your debt?” ask Lord Congleton.
Yes sir, because you faithfully promised it.”
“And do you believe me?”
“Yes, I do, because you would not be the kind to deceive a person.”
“But are you a good and industrious man?” the landlord inquired.
The notice said nothing about that, sir.”
“So you just believed what I said and have come for your receipt?”
“Indeed, I have.”

Lord Congleton wrote “paid in full” on his bill and handed it to him. Just as the hour struck, the happy fellow ran out of the house waving the release crying, “I’ve got it! I’m a free man!” The others milling in the street rushed to the house, but the door was shut! One man had believed, and he alone received the benefits.

Doubt sees the obstacles –
Faith sees the way!
Doubt sees the darkest night –
Faith sees the day!
Doubt dreads to take a step –
Faith soars on high!
Doubt questions, ‘Who believes?’
Faith answers, ‘I.’

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