Sunday, August 31, 2014

This is Where We are Most Unjust to the Poor - We Don't Know Them!

On Our Life of Service and Evangelization, Mother Teresa writes:

“Sometime ago a man came to our house and said: ‘Mother, there is a Hindu family that has eight children. They have not eaten for a long time. Do something for them.’ So I took some rice and went. When I arrived at their house, I could see the hunger in the children’s eyes. Their eyes were shining with hunger. I gave the rice to the mother. She took it and divided it into two, and she went out. When she came back, I asked her, ‘Where did you go?’ she said, ‘They are hungry too.’ Her neighbors were also hungry. What struck me most was not that she gave the rice but she knew they were hungry. Because she knew, she shared. I did not bring more rice that night. I waited until the next morning so that they could experience the joy of sharing and loving.

Love, to be true, has to hurt, and this woman who was hungry – she knew that her neighbor was also hungry. That family happened to be a Mohammedan family. It was so touching, so real. This is where we are most unjust to our poor – we don’t know them. We don’t know how great they are, how loveable, how hungry for that understanding love. Today God loves the world through you and through me. Are we that love and that compassion? God proves that Christ loves us – that He has come to be his Father’s compassion. Today God loves the world through you and through me and through all those who are his love and compassion in the world.” And I [Richard] say, Amen.
[Quote from Mother Teresa: Contemplative at the Heart of the World. Page 118-119]

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