Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Try Commending Others

I read a story, a great story it is: an old gentleman used to stop by at an antique shop to sell furniture. One day after he left, the antique dealer’s wife said she wished she had told him how much she enjoyed his visits. The husband said, “Next time let’s tell him so.” The following summer a young woman came in and introduced herself as the daughter of the old gentleman. Her father, she said, had died. Then the wife told her about the conversation she and her husband had after the father’s last visit.

The young woman’s eyes filled with tears. “Oh, how much good that would have done for my father,” she cried. “He was a man who needed to be reassured that he was liked.” “Since that day,” the shopkeeper said later, “whenever I think something particularly nice about a person, I tell him. I might never get another chance.”

What a story! Let us make it a habit to find something in others that we can commend on. “There are some great people who make others feel small,” writes G.K. Chesterton. “But there are other great people who make others feel great.” Let us be humble and yet be great at making people feel appreciated and liked. Let us give more praise to others. Let us never tired of commend others when we see the good things that they have done because we might never get another chance again.

I will speak evil of no man…
and speak all the good I know of everybody” (Benjamin Franklin)
God helps us. Amen.
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