Tuesday, September 2, 2014

10 Clues that a Church is Living

What are the clues that a church is living, vital and active? These ideas may help:

1)    Live churches have many people who bring their Bibles and use them; dead churches do not.
2)    Live churches are filled with praise and sounds of joy and thanksgiving; dead churches are apathetic and lifeless.
3)    Live churches usually have parking problems; dead churches never have to worry about parking.
4)    Live churches are moving out by “faith”; dead churches creep along by sight.
5)    Live churches have lots of children and young people and “noise”; dead churches are quiet as tombs.
6)    Live churches center on serving people; dead churches focus mainly on problems.
7)    Live churches are filled with a spirit of love for each other; dead churches are filled with suspicious, critical, and bickering people.
8)    Live churches are always emphasizing evangelism, discipleship, and involvement; dead churches ask for little and get it.
9)    Live churches have many sacrificial givers; dead churches have people who only “tip” the Lord.
10) Live churches are always growing; dead churches are plateaued or declining.

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