Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What Jesus Does for You

What Jesus Does for You
By Frances Ure

Jesus takes the lone out of loneliness,
And puts the friend into friendship.

Jesus takes the fear out of fearful,
And puts trust into trusting.

Jesus takes the fright out of frightful,
And puts peace into peaceful.

Jesus takes the doubt out of doubting,
And puts believe into believing.

Jesus takes the hate out of hating,
And puts love into loving.

Jesus takes the curse out of cursing,
And puts bless into blessing.

Jesus takes the down out of downcast,
And puts lift into uplift.

Jesus takes the grief out of grieving,
And puts happy into happiness.

Jesus takes the sin out of sinful,
And puts forgive into forgiveness.

Jesus takes the sick out of sickness,
And puts health into healthy.

Jesus puts the gold into the Golden Rule – isn’t He wonderful!

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