Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jesus on the Law of Spiritual Growth (A Reflection on Mark 4:21-25)

After Jesus finished explaining the parable of the sower, Jesus continued, “Does anyone ever bring in a lamp and put it under a bowl or under the bed? Isn’t it put on the lampstand? Whatever is hidden away will be brought out into the open, and whatever is covered up will be uncovered. Listen, then, if you have ears!” (Mark 4:21-23, GNB).

Nobody as far as I know bought Samsung Galaxy S5 or Apple iPhone iOS 8 (probably outdated after 6 months from now) who doesn’t use any of it applications except for SMS texting only. Everyone know that smartphone is meant to be use for more. It is also doesn’t make sense to light up a lamp and then put it under a bowl or a bed when its purpose is to illuminate the room. A lamp is not meant to be covered up but to give light. When Jesus preached God’s Word in parables He was partly ‘hidden’ the truth from the people. But when the time came for His disciples to preach openly after His resurrection and after they received God’s Word in all its fullness, God’s truth must be reveal to all people like a shining lamp. The truth concealed in parables will be revealed. God’s truth “will be bought out into the open” and it “will be uncovered.” And it’s happening now!

“He also said to them, ‘Pay attention to what you hear! The same rules you use to judge others will be used by God to judge you – but with even greater severity. Those who have something will be given more, and those who have nothing will have taken away from them even the little they have’” (Mark 4:24-25).

If I read above verses out of context, I will surely be misunderstood and confuse by it. First Jesus talked about four kinds of people’s attitudes toward God and His Word (Mark 4:13-20). And then regardless of how people response to God’s truth, it is nevertheless should be revealed as widely as possible and not to be hidden away (Mark 4:21-23). Now (Mark 4:24-25) Jesus was saying that: the disciples are to share the “light” they have received and “hear” so that they may receive more “light” from God. The Law of Spiritual Atrophy says “if you don’t share, you will not grow and will not be effective anymore.” But the Law of Spiritual Growth says “to those who hear, and then share to others what they have heard, more will be given.”  That is why Jesus emphasized two times on listening – “Listen, then, if you have ears!” and “Pay attention to what you hear!

Shine God’s Light
Share God’s Truth
Listen and pay attention to God’s Word
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