Monday, October 13, 2014

Students Making a Difference: TCS CF Shows "Perfect Love: We Care, We Share"

If [faith] alone and includes no actions, then it is dead” (James 2:17, GNB)

What would happen if Christian Fellowship act seriously on what they have heard and learned from the Scripture? What would happen if they decides to do community service in their campus? This is what definitely will happen: they will make a different! One thing to learn, if you’re ministering to students in campus, is that they are passionate and energetic and willing (if we give them a change or show the way) to make a different in the community. This is exactly what Technology College Sarawak (TSC) Christian Fellowship (CF) was doing last Saturday morning, 11th October 2014.

Together with their advisor and college’s maintenance staffs, they organized a co-operate gotong-royong with CF members and staffs. Their main objectives is to experience first-hand the challenges of maintenance works and to create awareness in keeping the campus clean. That is why the theme was very suitable; “Perfect Love: We Care, We Share.” Indeed, as participant of this heart-touching event, I observed God’s love was really in each one of them. Some of the members were having class that day, so, they either come before or after class to help whatever possible and get involved with the activity. I bet students outside CF that saw their witnessing in campus and even staffs themselves were inspired by their willingness to sacrifice time (Saturday morning, remember?) and energy (without payment or award) to make a different in campus. Christian Fellowship (CF) is boring? Never!

Here are some pictures:


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