Sunday, October 12, 2014

Students Making a Difference: WWF visits to "The Home of Love"

After we studied Isaiah 58, Word-to-World Fellowship (WWF), a Bible Study group initiated by staff worker and students, went to visits The Home of Love at Jalan Emerald off Green Road Kuching, a nursing home and care centre, on 6th October 2014. We have a single objective that is, “to reach out the community around us as we want to put God’s Word in Isaiah 58 into practice”. There were 15 of us. Each one have our own duties and responsibilities. We had a great time fellowship with the residents there. It was heart-touching moments. We definitely value our presence with one another and with the residents of the Home. We hope they also feel the same. I observe God’s love in actions; students took initiative to start conversations with the elders, asking questions to volunteer-staffs there, cleaning toilets, washing and wiping kitchen tools, mopping the floors, fixed kitchen cabinet, taking elders for a walk, spoon-fed them, jamming and singing joyfully, make jokes, and even pray together (some plucked out grass outside with bare hands! Can you imagine that?!).

I remember one time when a granny there asked me, “How long will you all be here?” I replied, “From now (10am) until 2pm.” She was not so happy and simply said, “That’s very long...” But just when we were about to go back home, she grappled my hand and said, “Why going back so soon?” I miss her already. We all do miss them very much.

Here are some pictures of the WWF activities (We wrestled very hard!). By the way, we not taking many pictures. 
[There will be more Bible Study and outreach activities in the future. I’ll keep you updates through this blog]

Sorry Nazri, you was not in the picture. Thanks for taking pictures bro.

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