Sunday, November 30, 2014

Every Journey Begins with a First Step

Do you want more time but don’t know where to begin to achieve your God-given dream in life? Make an effort to rise earlier! Or if you’re like me – late riser, early morning sleeper – make an effort to intentionally set aside extra time before you sleep! This one step can add one or two hours to your productive day and years to your life. Take on something you have been meaning to do – writing, reading, inventing, creating, etc. – and do it in your spare time. Would you like to be an expert on some subject? Everyday study or practise for a half hour and you can become an authority person on the subject. If not, at least you’ll become better and more ready for God to use. That’s all it takes. It’s so simple. It escapes the majority of people who keep chanting, ‘Someday I would like to…’; ‘One day I must… but I never seem to have the time.’

Just because you never started the work, practise, play or study that really interests you is no reason why you can’t start right now. Time doesn’t count us out. We only imagine it right now. It’s never too late to begin. Time is impersonal. It is the same every moment. It imposes no limitations upon us. Our only limitations are self-imposed. All you have to do is to caught God’s vision for your life and begin the journey with a first step. What God have spoken to you lately in the Scripture by the Holy Spirit and through godly people that you trust the most? What keep running through your mind and moving your heart passionately? What is your talent, your joyful labour, your heart desire that can bless others if you do it? Do it! Every journey begins with a first step.

Admittedly, it is difficult in this frenzied modern world to avoid being caught up in a sense of urgency and hurry. We can often stuck in the pressure by throwing our minds and hearts into neutral and coasting here and there to the land of nowhere day by day. Don’t do it! Do this: take on something you have been meaning to do – that God-given dream in your life – and study or practise it in your intentional-set-aside time. Trust God, be diligent. Rely on Him, work hard. By God’s grace and acting faith. Are you ready for a new journey in your life? Begins with a first step. God be with you.

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