Monday, November 10, 2014

Kem Meyer's Advice for Me on Blogging

As communications director for Granger Community Church, Kem Meyer spends her time finding creative ways to clear the clutter that keeps people from engaging. She’s not afraid to break marketing rules and change how people think the “church” is supposed to interact with the world. In Brian Bailey’s book The Blogging Church (John Wiley & Sons, Inc: 2007), Kem writes about blogging that encourage me so much – especially in the area of what to write –  and I hope it will have the same positive effect on you too:

“What is the thing you are most passionate about? The situation you can’t walk by without doing something about it? The subject matter you can’t seem to get enough of? The thoughts filling your mind that keep you up at night and wake you up in the morning? The thing you are most knowledgeable about, have the most experience with, or the most discontent? What solicits your heightened opinion, frustration and joy? What problem are you seeking the solution for? The spot you keep going back to again and again through every season?

Blog about that.

If you do, your content will be authentic, emotional, purpose-driven, and engaging. Posts will be natural, unmanufactured, original, and inspired. Your blogging will be a spontaneous extension of your life. It won’t ever be a chore. Readers know where to find you and you will engage their interest. The hardest thing for you will be knowing how and where to stop once you start. Avoid clich├ęs and soapbox at all costs to remain trustworthy. If you ramble, you will be your only audience and the significance will be lost.”

I hope this words will encourage to you to start blogging now (or to write blog again)
Let’s blog for the Glory of God. Amen.
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  1. Thanks! It's really encourage me... Because sometimes it hards for me to talk or share anything to people surround me. :D

    1. Keep your writing in your blog "A Gift of God" Always start small :) Nice to know you Ruth.


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