Friday, November 14, 2014

Merlin Mann's Advice for Me on Blogging (New Bloggers take Notes)

Merlin Mann is the editor and primary contributor for 43 Folders, a small family of websites about personal productivity, “life hacks” and simple ways to make your life a little better. I love to watch and listen to his witty talks on YouTube. In Brian Bailey’s book The Blogging Church (John Wiley & Sons, Inc: 2007) here Merlin gives some encouragement words for bloggers, especially new bloggers, to keep on writing, to “just get fingers in motion, and fear not the crappy first draft.” He writes,

“The most exciting and difficult time for a new blogger is the barn-raising period after the new blog is launched and the daily dash for new and interesting content begins. As perhaps thousands of ostensible bloggers discover – sometimes as early as their site’s inaugural week – this can be surprisingly hard work.
            It’s hard not simply for the obvious reasons – that regularly scheduled writing (or photography, or even linking) takes time, preparation, and care. You may also have days where you have nothing to say and are tempted to meta-whine about how you have nothing to say. You may find yourself padding pages with the results of online personality tests or the latest funny-once meme du jour. Resist this with extreme prejudice.
            Remember that your blog is only incidentally a publishing system or a public website. At its heart, your blog represents the evolving expression of your most passionately held ideas. It’s a conversation you’re holding up with the world and with yourself – a place where you can watch your own thoughts take different shapes and occasionally surprise you with where they end up.
            By focusing on the themes that interest and inspire you most (to the exclusion of topics that are simply fashionable or widely held), your creativity will be re-stoked and your writing will become a more accurate artifact of the way your mind and your heart want to operate. Accept that the process of writing is also the process of thinking and of realizing what really matters to you.
            A lot of people say writer’s block is your brain’s way of letting you know it needs the help of your hand – so just get fingers in motion, and fear not the crappy first draft. Bad days pass, and as long as you’re writing as honestly and with as much focus as you can muster, the process will seem less foreign and painful every day.”

As a blogger myself, I know that encouragements above are true.
I hope this words will encourage you to start blogging (or to write blog again)

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