Sunday, December 14, 2014

Be God's Children, Not to Compete with One Another

All forms of competition are hostile. They may seem friendly on the surface but the prime motivation is to be or do ‘better than’ the next person. “Okay, you win!” said another, and I was puzzled. “Since when I compete with you,” I replied, “This is not a competition.” When I gave suggestions to my friend, she responded with raised eyebrow, “Oh well, you’re more creative than me.” I was surprised by her respond. I never thought of competing who among us is the most creative person in the ministry. I just want to help.

Remember this: We were placed on this earth to love and create, not to compete. If competition is used as our basic motivation to do anything, it will literally conspire against us and defeat ourselves every time. What I’m saying is that the purpose of life is to BE God’s children, not to compete with one another. As one teacher puts is, “I’m for me, not against anyone!”

Although it may appear that the world is a competitive place, it is only competitive to those who feel the need to compete. God’s children don’t have to compete. But sadly, most people will reject this idea because of their childhood training, where competition was rated right up there with how many A’s and who’s closes to 100% mark. If you ask them if they think competition is healthy, they will reply, with great enthusiasm, that it is not only healthy but necessary! They feel, like I was, that it gives life meaning, purpose and direction; that a person needs a reward for doing a ‘good job’ and ‘better than’ others. It never occurs to them that the reward is in the BEcoming as the result of doing, not in the end result itself.

We compete with others only when we are unsure of ourselves, insecure of our own abilities and our doubt as God’s children. Competition is merely imitation. It originates in early childhood from our need to copy others. The competitive person feels that others are better than he and sets to prove otherwise. He is struggles to surpass those he feels are superior. In effect, he is always comparing himself to people around them. The competitive person always needs someone else to validate how well he is doing. Beware.

God’s children, those who are abide in Christ, on the other hand, does not feel the need to compete – they are content with themselves. They don’t need to look and see what others are doing or be ‘better than’ the next person. They just doing their best for God. They want to be what God wants them to be. They only desire God’s approval. Recognizing their capabilities for what they are, they are strive for excellence and to glorified Jesus in their lives. The only competition is with themselves, the only standard for themselves is Christ, and all of these are done to achieve greater personal growth and to bless others in what they do. God’s children don’t compete, they just want to love, create and be God wants them to be – God’s children.

Which one are you?
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