Saturday, December 6, 2014

When a Student Asked, to Tattoo or Not to Tattoo

I know this student. He don’t like religious answer. He likes common sense and logic. I said that faith and logic doesn’t have to be enemies. But since he already familiar with Biblical arguments in regard to tattoo (‘grey area’ of teaching, I call it), I decided to just let him think for himself. This is for you too. There are many reasons why both of you might be attracted to the idea of getting tattooed. But you need to consider a number of important points before taking the plunge. Hopefully, these facts will guide you in making this important decision. I know it helps my student to think deep before making one. I hope it will do the same to you.

1)    Getting a tattoo is possibly the most radical form of self-expression. Using your own body as a piece of art can convey any message you wish. You may choose to express your beliefs, emotions, or interests. One thing is for sure: you will make a statement.

2)    If done by a trained and responsible professional tattoo artist, the process is not nearly as dangerous as you are sometimes led to believe (but of course, it is expensive and you’re just a student). On the other hand, most tattoo artists are not regulated, licensed, or inspected, so you run the risk of infection and other complications, with little or no recourse if something goes wrong. Yes, I know because I’ve seen how it is done especially in the rural areas and villages as mine. There’s even the possibility of contracting Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS if sterilized equipment isn’t used. Be careful!

3)    Getting a tattoo hurts. If you don’t mind getting stung repeatedly by a wasp (or needle) you may be able to handle getting tattooed.

4)    Because most pigments used in tattooing are derived from metals, there is always the risk that your skin may have an adverse reaction, or even major rashes. Red pigments used in the tattooing process contain mercury and may result in skin inflammation (but I’m not sure about today’s new technology). Scarring of the tattoo site may even occur as time passes.

5)    If someday you want to remove your tattoo, know that it can be extremely costly. The deeper the tattoo, the more difficult and expensive it will be to have it removed.

6)    Fashion trends can change and usually do… you know about this right? Think long-term and wisely.

7)    Tattoos carry a social stigma; potential employers who haven’t had a chance to get to know you can easily be turned off. Christ may accept you as you are and look at your heart, but human being judge through your appearances.

And then I let my student ask himself this non-religious but very logical and wise question:
Now that you are a Christian and know better, does it glorifying God to tattoo your body?
[P.s: Know that, even if you decided to tattoo your body – I’m okay. It’s your choice]
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