Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Changing a Mind

Throughout the centuries, almost all governments did not take care of the poor or the sick justly. Instead, families and communities had to take care of their own. As it is difficult for the poor and needy in Malaysia (maybe not that worst) it was especially difficult for the Jews of Eastern Europe. I read the Jewish history, many were poor and few were rich. So Rabbis (or teachers) were always encouraging people to be charitable. They felt that charity improved the life of whoever received it, and it also improved the spirit of however gave it. Here is a tale of a Jewish rabbi who have found a way to changing a mind…

A wealthy miser refused to help anyone in the village (Miser means a stingy, money-hoarder person). The rabbi came to visit and told the miser,
Look out your window.”
The man saw a street full of people. The rabbi then said,
Look at your mirror.” The miser saw only himself.
The rabbi asked, “Your window and your mirror are both made of glass. What makes them different?”
The miser said, “The window glass is clear, so I can see outside. The mirror glass has a silver coating behind it. The silver stops me from seeing through. It reflects back so I see myself.”
The rabbi said,
Your love for sliver has changed your soul. Once, your soul was a clear as the glass of a window. You could look out at the world and see everyone. But you have coated your soul with silver. You no longer see anyone but yourself.
The miser understood. He was overcome with shame and changed his ways.

Look at your soul, what do you see?
A window glass or a mirror?
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