Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pray for Persecuted Church: Comoros

Comoros women
Comoros, which is plagued by political instability and civil strife, transitioned to democracy in 2006 and elected its second democratically elected president in 2010. As one of Africa’s poorest counties, Comoros is dependent on food aid. Sunni Islam is practiced by almost 99 percent of the population, and Quranic schools for children reinforce Islam’s influence. Of 12 people groups in Comoros, eight are unreached by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Restricted Nation
Muslim 98.8%, Christian 0.9%
Head of State
President Ikililou Dhoinine

While the constitution guarantees religious freedom, Islam is the dominant religion and persecution against Christians generally takes in the form of social discrimination. There are fewer than 6,500 Christian nationals in this country of 770,000. There are two Catholic churches and one Protestant church, but only noncitizens may use the buildings. There are no official churches for Comorian people. Evangelicalism is forbidden, and conversion to Christianity can lead to severe discrimination from the community and family members. In some areas, local authorities restrict the practice of Christianity. One believer who left Islam had his travel documents revoked. Christian workers report being verbally attacked by people from the local mosque for leading prayer meetings on Fridays.

Pray: Pray for Muslim-background believers who are persecuted by family members.
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