Thursday, August 6, 2015

Do You Want to Be a Good Student of Theology?

[I dedicate this familiar story to my readers of this blog] A young student longed to find a mentor who could help him discover the secrets of becoming a Good Student of Theology. One day he heard there was such a mentor and determined to seek out his wisdom.

He knocked on the door of the mentor’s office. He welcomed him. “I’ve come to you for help,” he said. “I’m determined to fulfil my potential as a brilliant student of theology.”

The mentor opened his mouth to speak but the young student raced on. “I’ve read all the books on Christian history and Reformed theology. I’ve read everything on Bible doctrines and systematic theology.”

Again the mentor sought a pause. But the stream continued to flow. “My view and opinion is… What I think of this teaching is… Again what R.C. Sproul, John MacArthur and John Piper saying is… On the other hand Martin Luther and John Calvin…

On and on the waves of enthusiastic thoughtlessness rolled until finally the mentor thrust a coffee cup into the young student’s hand and began pouring coffee into it. Like the waves of the young student’s thought process he poured. The cup filled and began running over the lip. It filled the saucer. It ran onto the carpet. It spilled over the young student’s trousers. Finally, he noticed and stopped his long speech.

What… What are you doing?” he said amazed.

Your heart and mind is like this cup of coffee,” he said, “It is full of stuff that is not useful, full of second-hand thoughts, full of facts and information that have no context, sense of situation, or relationship. If you want to learn something new, first you must empty your mind.”

Dear readers, are you ready to learn something new of God and His Word every day?
Then, let go of your preconceived ideas, thoughts and assumptions before you get into his Word and learn from Him. First you must empty your mind and heart. And be ready to be fill with His Wisdom and Life. Amen.

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