Thursday, October 22, 2015

Letters to Annie: Be an Optimist Christian, Don't Give In to Pessimism

Dear Annie,

            I need to share you a story. A not-so-closed-friend of mine, who studied in a theological school, (He said to me once, “I’m a Calvinist-reformed.” I don’t know what that really mean, and I think he’s just repeating his favourite preacher’s sermons) asked me, “Are you a Calvinist or Arminian?” I know he wants to have a theological debate with me. I know about the Calvinist’s 5-points (TULIP) and because I admire David Pawson and John Wesley, I know about basic Arminian’s arguments too. But I don’t want to argue with him. So I answered, “I’m an optimist.” I can tell his eyes widen when I continued, “I think if I labelled myself to either one of that, I’ll become a pessimist Christianlike you, I thought to myself.

Annie, my dear, life is hard. Anyone who want to live a godly life in union with Christ Jesus will be persecuted. Bad things will happened. So if persecution is a sure thing, why we need to add more troubles by being pessimist? I want to be an optimist Christian! Pessimism and Christianity don’t mix. Why? Because Christians have every reason to be optimistic about life here on earth and life eternal. As. C.H. Spurgeon observed, “Our hope in Christ for the future is the mainstream of our joy.” But sometimes, we may fall prey to worry, frustration, anxiety, and our hearts become heavy. What’s needed is a large dose of perspective, God’s healing touch, and the Word of God: “Give your worries to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will never let good people down” (Psalms 55:22).

Let us make a promise to ourselves today: vow to be a hope-and-joy-filled Christian. Think optimistically about our lives, our families, our future together and our friends. Let us trust in God’s love, hope and don’t fear of the future. Our future is belongs to God. When we filled our hearts with hope and gladness, we can share our God-given optimism with our friends and loved ones.

A very close friend once told me, “If you genuinely believe that God is good and that His Son died for your sins, how you can be pessimistic about your future? The answer, of course, is that you can’t!” I agreed. But Annie, sometime we forget that actually Jesus’ resurrection and ascension (not only his work on the cross) are the biggest reasons why we have to be an optimistic Christians. Jesus is Alive! Jesus the Victorious! Curse are the anxious and sad-face Christians! Optimism is a choice. When we choose to trust God for everything, we can rest in His promises to take care of us the way He sees fit. Knowing that we have a loving heavenly Father who desires to care for us and provide for us should give every child of God a reason for true optimism.

By God’s grace, I pray that you and I will be filled with God’s joy.
Don’t forget to text me today okay. Smile my love.

                                                                                                                                    Miss you very much,
P.S: I’m also optimistic about marrying you
(Am I sound too preach-y lately? ha2)


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