Monday, October 26, 2015

Letters to Annie: Be Still and Wait for God's Voice (Sometime I Reflect on Us)

Dear Annie,

            I miss you so much. When I first looked at you few years ago, I barely know you. You looked so innocent and I’m, well, so casual. There was no serious conversations, no proper ‘hi,’ always in the distance. What weird is that I can’t barely looked you in the eyes. By all mean, we tried to avoid eye-contact. But then, everything was just normal. Never crossed my mind that we will be together like this. Funny, now I can’t even remember any time when I didn’t even think of you. When I be still, reflecting… I thanks God for every moments I have with you. Why I didn’t get to know you early in my life? Thankfully, God’s plan is good.

            I think that is how God want us to think and know Him also. Psalms 46:10 instructs, “Be still, and know that I am God.Be still. Funny how the Bible teaches that a wonderful way to get to know God is simply to be still and listen to Him not in rush and noisy ways. “Deepest communion with God is beyond words,” writes Madeleine L’Engle, “on the other side of silence.” You know, when I’m in silence and solitude I can reflect many blessings that God had given me (that include you, my dear). I also can hear His deep small voice for guidance and instruction. Isn’t this is what you want from God?

            As you know, the demands of everyday life weigh down upon us. Because of our working loads and everyday responsibilities, we can easily be tempted to ignore God’s presence or – worse yet – to rebel against His commandments. But, when we quiet ourselves and acknowledge His presence, God touches our hearts, restores our spirits, and help us to think and see things in God’s perspective. If we want to get to know our Heavenly Father more, silence is a wonderful place to start.

            It’s not about where we are physically but it’s about the position of our hearts. As illustration, I can think of you even in the midst of busy traffic or in the noise of conversations.  My heart belongs to you. In the same way – even more – we can hear God speaks to us anytime if our hearts focusing on Him. Let’s be in silence and solitude with God more often. Let’s go to a quiet place and listen (You may want to find a place for you to have a quiet time). It’s good for our souls and relationship with God and one another. If we keep listening long enough and carefully enough, He’ll start talking.

Annie, I write this letter not as much as I want to teach you,
But it was you who reminds me about silence and solitude.
To be patient and wait upon the Lord.
You wrote to me, “I will wait for God’s voice…
…so I will follow His voice.”
Yes darling, let us be still, and know that God is God.

I want to marry you,
P.s.: I love you!

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