Monday, November 9, 2015

Letters to Annie: Don't Indulge in Gossips

Dear Annie,

I’m sorry for the things that people said about me that might hurt your feelings. It’s not entirely true. I’ll explain to you when I get the chance to see you face-to-face. I know you trust me, and I hope it will never change. As for now, I would like you to don’t indulge yourself in gossips especially about me… Let’s pray about this. “We are in a continual battle with the spiritual forces of evil,” write Shirley Dobson, “but we will triumph when we yield to God’s leading and call on His powerful presence in prayer.”

Face it Annie, gossip is bad – and the Bible clearly tells us that gossip is wrong. “A useless person causes trouble, and a gossip ruins friendships” (Proverbs 16:28). Don’t listen to them! I learned the hard way that: when we say things that we don’t want other people to know we said, we’re being somewhat dishonest, but if the things we say aren’t true, we’re being very dishonest. Either way, we have done something that we may regret later, especially when the other person finds out. Never let gossips break our relationship, never entertained it!

I also learned that as much I don’t want you to listen to other’s gossips, I myself have to discipline myself to not to gossip about others as well. Let’s do ourselves a big God-size favour: don’t gossip. It’s a waste of words, and it’s the wrong thing to do – both to listen and to spread it. We’ll feel better about ourselves if we don’t gossip (and other people will feel better about us, too). So let both of us not to do it, listen to it and spread it.

I love you. Believe me about this.
Let us build this relationship with trust and truth.
I love you. Annie, let us – Don’t indulge in gossip.
Hope to see you soon and explained everything to you…

I miss you,


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