Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Letters to Annie: Make the Decision to Abstain from Sex Before Married

Young girls, wait; Young boys, self-control.
Dear Annie,

            I miss you. And I love you even more today. It’s funny how I end up loving you with all my heart now. In my past relationships, I’ve been a jerk and made lots of mistakes that I will never ever repeat it again in the future. To tell you the truth, if the Holy Spirit doesn’t touched my heart and if my God-given conscience about sex outside marriage doesn’t stopped my youthful passion when I was young boy many years ago, I might cause a girl pregnant. Or two. I was that bad. Only God can save someone like me. God’s grace alone. I hope you still love me…

            The decision to have sex before I get married – or the decision to abstain from it – is a choice that will most certainly impact the rest of my life. To do or not to do. I know you knew about this too. That decision, Annie, will play an important role in the way we see ourselves, and the way we view relationships with each other. And if we not reminding ourselves and stand firm in God’s Word, our decision to have sex before married might result in an unexpected “surprise” pregnancy. Let’s not contribute to the statistics.

            Annie, as for me personally, I’ve face many temptations. The decision to consciously abstain from sex before married was a very important and hard decision for me. It was a great struggle for me as I’m not always ‘godly’ all the time. Even if I’m good with conducts, my thoughts were sinful. So I looked to God for help. Only He can gives me wisdom to make a decision that might just change the direction of my life. “Happy is the person who finds wisdom,” proclaimed the wise man, “the one who gets understanding” (Proverbs 3:13). As J.I. Packer writes, “The fruit of wisdom is Christlikeness, peace, humility, and love. And, the root of it is faith in Christ as the manifested wisdom of God.

So I say, I will not have sex until I’m married! I must trust the inner voice of my conscience. I should be obedient to the teaching of God’s Word. I respect God, myself and you. You’re precious to me Annie. You’re my love one as much as you’re God’s special daughter. I write this to you because I want you to know my stand (and I trust we have the same conviction about no sex outside marriage) and because, if in the future I behave improper in regard to sexual boundaries, you may remind me of my commitment. And if necessary, slap my face hard, very hard so that I can be reminded of God’s wrath against those who disobey Him.

I love you…
I love you…
I love you…
I can wait…
                                                            May God’s strength empowered us,


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