Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jesus' Economy is Upside Down: The Woman's Faith is Big but Her Part is Small

[Based on Mark 4:24-34]
A chronic menstrual disorder. A perpetual issue of blood. Such a condition would be difficult for any woman of any area. But for a Jewess, nothing could be worse. No part of her life was left unaffected.

Sexually… she could not touch her husband.
Maternally… she could not bear children.
Domestically… anything she touched was considered unclean. No washing dishes. No sweeping floors.
Spiritually… she was not allowed to enter the temple.
She was physically exhausted and socially ostracized.
She had sought help “under the care of many doctors”…
She was bruised reed. She awoke daily in a body that no one wanted. She is down to her last prayer. And on the day we encounter her, she’s about to pray it.

By the time she gets to Jesus, he is surrounded by people. He’s on his way to help the daughter of Jairus, the most important man in the community. What are the odds that he will interrupt an urgent mission with a high official to help the likes of her? Very few. But what are the odds that she will survive if she doesn’t take a chance? Fewer still. So she takes a chance.

“If I can just touch his clothes,” she thinks, “I will be healed.”

Risky decision. To touch him, she will have to touch the people. If one of them recognizes her… But what choice does she have? She has no money, no clout, no friends, no solutions. All she has is a crazy hunch that Jesus can help and a high hope that he will… There was no guarantee, of course. She hoped he’d respond… she longed for it… but she didn’t know if he would. All she knew was that he was good. That’s faith.

Faith is not the belief God will do what you want.
Faith is the belief that God will do what is right

“Blessed are the dirt-poor, nothing-to-give, trapped-in-a-corner, destitute, diseased,” Jesus said, “for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:6, Max’s translation).

God’s economy is upside down (or rightside up and ours is upside down!) God says that the more hopeless your circumstance, the more likely your salvation. The greater you cares, the more genuine your prayers. The darker the room, the greater the need for light.

A healthy lady never would have appreciated the power of a touch of the hem of his robe. But this woman was sick… and when her dilemma met his dedication, a miracle occurred. Her part in the healing was very small. All she did was extend her arm through the crowd.
“If only I can touch him”…

Healing begins when we do something.
Healing begins when we reach out.
Healing starts when we take a step.
[Taken from He still Moves Stones (1993) by Max Lucado]

                                                THINK BIG. START SMALL. GO DEEP.
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