Monday, December 7, 2015

Jesus touches the Untouchable

Jesus was a master at communicating love and personal acceptance. He did so when He blessed and held… little children. But another time His sensitivity to touch someone was even more graphic. This was when Jesus met a grown man’s need for meaningful touch, a man who was barred by law from even touching anyone again…

To touch a leper was unthinkable. Banishing lepers from society, people would not get within a stone’s throw of them (In fact, they would throw stones at them if they did come close!)…. With their open sores and dirty bandages, lepers were the last persons anyone would want to touch. Yet the first thing Christ did for this man was touch him.

Even before Jesus spoke to him, He reached out His hand and touched him. Can you imagine what that scene must have looked like? Think how this man must have longed for someone to touch him, not throw stones at him to drive him away. Jesus could have healed him first and then touched him. But recognizing his deepest need, Jesus stretched out His hand even before He spoke words of physical and spiritual healing.
[Taken from The Gift of the Blessing by Gary Smalley and John Trent]

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