Sunday, March 27, 2016

Letters to Annie: Let's Attend Church Together

Dear Annie,

            I miss you so much. There is no line and internet coverage here, so I write a letter to you. It’s been awhile, I don’t know what to say at first, but surely, what come to my mind first is this: I love you.

Annie, I think it’s time for us to get more serious in our relationships. I don’t mean that we’re not serious before, but I think that we should start discussing more deeply about our faith and probably we should start attending church together. Someone once says: “Christians are like coals of a fire. Together they grow – apart they grow cold.” I don’t want to just grow old with you. I want to glow in Christ together with you.

We live in a world that is teeming with temptations and distractions – a world where good and evil struggle in a constant battle to win our hearts and souls. Our challenge, my sweet Annie, of course, is to ensure that we cast our lot on the side of God. One way to ensure that we do so is by the practice of regular, purposeful worship in the church (And outside church buildings too). When we worship God faithfully and fervently, we are blessed. When we fail to worship God, for whatever reason – our busyness, distant or works – we forfeit the spiritual gifts that He intends for us. “We are co-workers in God’s service” (1 Corinthians 3:9). Thus, as we start to attend church together, we should make an effort to serve Him in the church.

Love, every day provides opportunities to put God where He belongs: at the center of our lives and our relationships. When we do so, we worship not just with our words, but also with deeds, and that’s as it should be. I pray and I insist [as your man] that Christ comes first. Always first. I read your shared post on Facebook: “Nothing will bring two hearts closer than two hearts after the heart of God.” Cool! How true! As I read the Scriptures, I can be sure that God really loves His church and that’s where His heart is. Where there are Christian fellowships, there is “the heart of God.” So dear, to “bring two hearts closer” – mine and yours – we should start attending and be involved in church together. This is not the only way, for sure, but it is the best way J


Your man,

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