Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Simple Book Review: "How to Think Like Bill Gates" (2015) by Daniel Smith

How to Think Like Bill Gates (2015) by Daniel Smith

Bill Gates or William Henry Gates III, founder of Microsoft (with Paul Allen) thinks differently. Gates sees and thinks differently than most people do. He has an amazing ability to find the flaws, see opportunities and “connect the dots” as Steve Jobs famously said. Gates can zoom in to details with precision or zoom out to the big picture. He also has the ability to focus on the merits of the idea or innovation before worrying about the business case. Here are 10 ways (in summary of 26 chapters of this book) to Think Like Bill Gates:

#1 Prioritize
“What’s the next best thing you should be thinking about?” It starts here. Time is your most limited and precious resource. This is about asking whether the problem is even worth your time. Before you throw cycles at it, figure out whether it’s worth it. Is it significant? How much time should you spend on it?

#2 Ask Smarter Questions
If you want better answers, ask better questions.

#3 Make Data-driven Decisions
This means getting informed, before you make your decision. This means evaluating the sources of data.

#4 Divorce Your Ego
Rather than focus on whether you’re right, it’s about whether the solution is right. It’s about being able to beat up the thinking, without taking it personally.

#5 Frame the Problem
Framing a problem is simply how you look at a problem, just like how you frame a picture. It’s about choosing what to focus on, what’s in and what’s out

#6 Get Perspectives on the Problem
This means being able to switch your perspectives. Rather than see the glass half-full or the glass half-empty, you should see both.

#7 Model the Problem
One of Bill Gate’s favourite tools is his whiteboard. A whiteboard makes it easy to sketch out ideas and visualize them. A whiteboard can help whether you’re trying to map out the problem or draw a solution.

#8 Think Strategically
Strategy guides your actions. You can think strategically along different lines.

[P.s: I bought this book, worth Rm73.90 (hardcover) for only Rm15.00. If you watch a movie at cinema, it will cost you around Rm13.50. But then, most movies doesn't have a long-term value.... Book does :) Invest (more) money on books, you'll never regret it]

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