Friday, March 24, 2017

Small-Group Leader as Servanthood Model

Jesus is our role model for leadership. He was and is the greatest leader who ever lived. He led by being a servant to all those around Him. He knew who He was because of His intimate relationship with His Father, and out of that relationship He ministered to the needs of individuals. He was secure and He was free to serve as a leader – a servant-leader. Two most important values of a servant leader: #1 Secure in God’s love, doesn’t demand for respect or approval from others; and #2 Freedom in Christ, free to serve without force or half-heartedness. In Matthew 20:25-28, Jesus warned His disciples not to be influenced (maybe they were) by the leadership patterns of the Gentiles. Jesus, however, explain to them that leadership in the kingdom of God is servanthood.

An attitude of serving is the key to servant leadership when leading a small group Bible Study. In Matthew 25:40, Jesus says that “whatever we do for one of the least” of His brothers and sisters – His disciples – we do for Him. In Matthew 9:36 too we see Jesus’ compassion for the people. His attitude was always to serve. Leadership must have the same heart attitude to serve.

A true Christian leader is a servant and has an intimate relationship with the Father, having a faith-action, humble and being totally dependent on the Lord Jesus. I often observes a true leader when he or she is not in the spotlight before and after Christian fellowship in campuses and outside. I also saw a true leader serve whenever he or she finds an opportunity. There are countless ways we can serve others in a small group. We are modelling servanthood by being willing to lead a small group or assist a small-group leader.

Don’t look at numbers – small-group is better. Here we all can learn to serve and to be served by others. 


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