Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Jesus' Leadership #3 Sense of Ownership

Ownership is an interesting and elusive concept because it implies a permanent state of possession. Yet all things, even life itself, are only on loan to us. Author and management consultant Ken Blanchard says that visionary leaders are those who view life’s resources as being on loan to them, while more limited thinkers are still in an acquisition mode.

I wonder if God whispered, “The entire world is yours” to Jesus as he sent him into the world. Jesus clearly demonstrated a sense of ownership of all things. Whether the need was a donkey to carry him into town, an upper room to pray in, wine for a wedding, or even coins to pay Caesar’s tax, Jesus did not consider himself as a beggar king. He used his divine sense of ownership to create the goods he needed when he needed them. And many times what he needed was delivered through the generosity and willingness of those he served.

In the Garden of Eden God told Adam and Eve, “I give you all this. Take care of it” (Genesis 1:26). He told Abraham the same thing, “All of this land is yours” (Genesis 13:17). Jesus described himself in one parable as the ‘Husbandman’ who had been sent to take care of the vineyard. He looked at the world and the people in it as his responsibility, his inheritance, and his heritage. The whole universe was his and he knew it. Perhaps that is one reason why the people called him “King” (besides he deserved it). It was the way he looked at the world and carried himself in it.

Jesus said, “All that the Father has is mine” (John 17:10). Every galaxy, every new born sheep, every fish leaping into the net, all that the Father had was his, and he knew it. He “owned it.”

If only each of us – Christ’s disciples – could get a good look at the heavenly “deed” written in our name. If only we could study it and know our inheritance by heart, we would walk on this planet a different way. With more gentleness, perhaps, and more certainty and power. In order to own a gift you must first receive it. Jesus had power because he “owned” it.

Do you have the mind-set and attitude of ownership?
In Christ, how can you use it for the greater good? With authority and humility?

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