Thursday, June 1, 2017

Jesus' Leadership #7 Worked Through Your Fears

Jesus was afraid. He talked about his fears to his disciples. He wrestled with his fears to the point of sweating blood in the garden. Without fear, Jesus could not have been an example for us. He would have been just another man.

As Jesus grow up, he have to face some painful and gruesome events in his life. No exception. Susan Jeffers, PhD., has written a wonderful book called Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway. She tells us that we will probably always have to deal with fear. If we wait for our fears to disappear before we start, we will never even begin.

Proverbs mentions the foolish farmer who waits for a cloudless sky before he plants his field. There is almost always a cloud somewhere in the sky, and those who are trained to look will probably see more than one. Waiting for the perfect time is a great excuse and rationalization to stay stuck where you are.

Jesus knew that the best way to conquer fear was to face forward. He did not shrink from going to Jerusalem even though he has been warned. He boldly announced his identity to his executioners. He got sick to his stomach and wept till sweat became blood the hours before he was betrayed – but he went through it. Although he felt fear, he faced it.

Fear is an ever-present fact of life. Don’t avoid it, deal with it. Go through it. Remember, Jesus worked through his fears.

What are the fears that are keeping you from your goals?

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