Sunday, June 4, 2017

Jesus' Leadership #8 Must Felt a Sense of Destiny

Do you sense you were destined to be doing what you are doing? If not, you have not yet found your harmonic C. Jesus said, “I know where I came from and I know where I am going” (John 8:14). Although he may not have known every detail of his journey (or was he? if yes, which part is fully human? If no, which part is fully divine? Mystery), Jesus felt a sense of destiny about his life. When the storm at the sea of Galilea arose that threatened to sink his ship, he slept calmly, knowing it was not his time to die. Even when he was turned over to the authorities, he said to them, “You could have no power over me unless it was given to you from on high” (John 19:11). In other words, it had to be part of the plan.

When you are surrounded by the state of grace where nothing else matters except the feeling you have within yourself that is your intersection with destiny. If our cells contains DNA molecules that determine what we are supposed to look like, isn’t it possible that at some level they also know – and can recognize – what we are supposed to act like? People get emotional goose bumps when something strikes them as a moment of truth and destiny. I believe that your destiny is like a magnet that pulls you – not a brass ring that only goes around once. Jesus felt a sense of destiny.

Do you feel as if you were destined to be doing what you are doing?
What’s it?

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