Saturday, June 10, 2017

Jesus' Leadership #9 Do Not Despise the Little Things

In the Old Testament a verse reads, “A day of little things, no doubt, but who would dare despise it?” Jesus did not despise the little things. When he set out to change the world, he chose only a dozen people to work with – not a cast of thousands. He packed value into every minute, every glance, every question, every encounter because he knew that out of little things come big ones.

I work as full-time Christian worker among university/college students. Once a minister questioned me by asking why I hang out with students (even non-Christians) outside campus activity and watching movies with them. “You should focus on student leaders,” he said. “Don’t ‘waste’ your time on minor things” (basically, he meant, don’t involve so much in non-church activities). But when I examined my effectiveness among students, these small engagements built bigger trust and more openness with students. While the minister leads with positional-authority, I engages through friendship and trust. In long term, this is more effective and fruitful practises. Don’t despise the little things.

Jesus did not spend his time creating operations manuals that could be franchised and duplicated by the millions. He hurried to see a little girl who was sick, focusing only on getting her well; he knew that one boy’s lunch had all the ingredients necessary to feed thousands. Every effective leaders knows not to despise the little things – that one-on-one mentoring, a thoughtful planning for small group Bible Study, writing encouraging notes (or messages) to each one under his cares… Oh, Jesus, the Leader of leaders, did not despite the little things.

What deed of yours today would you want to see multiplied?

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