Sunday, July 2, 2017

Jesus' Leadership #11 A Leader Must Have a Plan

A good leader has a plan. Jesus had one. He gave clear instructions to his disciples regarding how they could attain their God-desired results. He also had received The Plan that he was working on implementing. He spoke often about how something was either part of or not part of The Plan. As a man he did not claim to know all the details, but as divine he certainly saw the finished big picture and acted obediently on a day-to-day basis while on earth according to the Father’s guidance. Even the Son of God has a plan.

What good does it do to stir up a crowd if you do not give them the big picture plan of what you want to achieve with them? So few people have plans that people will flock to almost anyone who comes up with a vivid sketch of how something should or could be done. The best advice is: Plan your work, work your plan.

A good leader has a plan that consists of changing simple pictures. Just because a group of people has a bunch of boards, hammers and nails does not mean that they are building a house or even anything recognizable. Sometimes leaders think they are doing their job but just because there is a lot of hammering going on. As a society we like the sound of hammering, but we are uncomfortable with the sound of thinking, which is silence.

Sometimes a plan can start with one simple objective. What is your plan? Read the Gospel stories, Jesus had a plan.

What is your plan?
Does it glorified God?
Is it written down?
Is it clear?
Is it workable?
How can you communicate your plan?
How can you implement it?
When will you begin?

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