Monday, July 3, 2017

Jesus' Leadership #12 Create a Team

Once Jesus began his work in earnest, he wasted no time in forming a team. It is as if he suddenly became magnetized. People were inexplicably drawn to him and him to them. “Follow me,” he called out across the water, and without hesitation they followed. Even Jesus knew that he could not change the world alone (or maybe not “he could not” but “he will not”).

If you as a leader intend to accomplish anything significant, the first step toward attaining your God-given goal is to create a team. Yet many people still feel they must do everything alone. I love to do things alone, but I must see beyond myself, my preferences, my personality to working together. There is time for individualism, there is time for teamwork. Almost always, God-given goal(s) require teamwork. One man can only do so much.

Good ideas, noble intentions, brilliant inventions and miraculous discoveries go nowhere unless somebody forms a team to act on them. Whoever forms a team to carry out the best ideas wins. Jesus formed a team.

What parts of a project are you still trying to do on your own? Why?
Do you have a team?

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