Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Jesus' Leadership #18 Boil It Down to Its Essence

The Pharisees came to Jesus and said, “Summarize for us the laws of the prophets. Which law is the most important?” They expected to trick him, thinking he would surely misquote at least one of the thousands of laws and Scriptures that had accumulated up to that time. He looked at them and said, “The law boil down to this one: Love God with all your heart and mind and soul, and your neighbour as yourself” (paraphrased from Matthew 22:37). He distilled thousands of teachings, writings, and theories into one sentence. He boiled it down.

If people could understand their core values, they would save years of doubt, confusion, and misplaced energy as they try to find direction for their lives. Advertisers, for example, are paid to pare things down to their essence. Take the Nike advertising campaign. All of Nike’s factories, sales representatives, products, energies, costs, profits, and purpose were boiled down by their ad agency into three words: Just Do It! The agency created an award-winning and sales-increasing campaign based on three simple words (more examples such as Apple’s Think Different, L'Oréal’s Because You're Worth It, and McDonald's: I'm Lovin' It).

The value of everything International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) stands for can be boiled down in one sentence: Students built into communities of disciples, transformed by the gospel and impacting the university, the church and society for the glory of Christ.

Leaders identify, articulate, and summarize the concepts that motivate others. Most important, they boil concepts down to an understandable idea. Jesus boiled it down.

If you have to boil down your message or vision or mission,
What would it be?

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