Friday, July 28, 2017

Letters to Annabel: Treat Addictive Substances Like Poison

My daughter Annabel,

            A total of 131,841 drug addicts have been registered in Malaysia between January 2010 and February 2016. Papa is burdened for young people nowadays. Among them are youth aged 19 and below amounted to 8,732 people, that’s the ones that we know of, reported cases. But how about those youth in rural areas? Papa read news last year that one in four students in Sarawak's most northern district of Lawas have been found to be taking drugs. It seems that drug dealers are now targeting youths and students. Oh Anna, nothing can break papa’s heart when I think about this… God saves Malaysia!

            Last month papa did a motivational talk at boy’s home, I chatted with them after that. Most of them said they taking drugs due to peer influence and out of curiosity. Dr. Tam Cai Lian, lecturer from Monash University said it well: Research shows that the social pressure to belong, to be accepted, and to be part of a social group, especially in teenagers, prompts them to conform to their peer group, and start trying out drugs. That’s how it usually begins.” Be careful to avoid the people and the places that can entrap your spirit and destroy your life.

The dictionary defines addiction as “the compulsive need for a habit-forming substance; the condition of being habitually and compulsively occupied with something.”  Well, that definition is accurate, but incomplete. For us, Christ followers, addiction has an additional meaning: it means compulsively worshipping something other than God.

            Anna, papa know that you’re a very responsible woman. But as your father, I need you to know this: don’t get addicted to something that destroys your health or your sanity. Ours is a society that glamourizes the use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and other addicted substances. Movies and social media are indirectly promoting it, but never fall into temptations. “Since you are tempted without ceasing,” writes Charles H. Spurgeon, “pray without ceasing.” When it comes to the trap of addiction, my daughter, it is easier to stay out than it is to get out. Yes, help is available. Plenty of people have experienced addiction and lived to tell about it… but you don’t have to experience it, in order to learn from it. Take heed now, learn from people’s examples, hold on to God’s Word, care for your body and mind, and be mindful of the destructive power of addiction.

But I do encourage you to be addicted to these things: praying and helping others, fellowship with the Believers and make friends in school, reading the Bible and mediate on it day and night, go for physical exercise and learn to have fun :)

P.s: Papa will be home this Sunday. We’ll go to Kuching Food Fest ya  
Love you baby,

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