Friday, July 7, 2017

Letters to Annie: Keep a Clear Conscience

Dear Annie,

            Sorry for this late reply to your previous letter. Life has been hard for me these few days. I was discouraged by my own sinful thoughts that lead to guilty conscious. But don’t worry… I’m okay now, Christ in His Word have encouraged me greatly.

            It has been said that character is what we are when nobody is watching. How true. When we do things that we know aren’t right, we try to hide them from our families, friends and loved ones. But even then, God is watching. I was tormented by my own guilty conscious. Oh how glad, joy and content I am now when I obey God’s commandments of repentance and seek for His grace and forgiveness upon me. What a joy!

            A clear conscience is one of the rewards we earn when we obey God’s Word and follow His will. “God has revealed Himself in man’s conscience,” writes Billy Graham, “Conscience has been described as the light of the soul.” I wants to be able to say like Paul: “Believe me, I do my level best to keep a clear conscience before God and my neighbours in everything I do” (Acts 24:16). I learned now – relearned, in fact – if I sincerely wish to walk with Christ, I should follow His commandments. Love express in obedience. When I do, my character will take care of itself… and I won’t need to look over my shoulder to see who, besides God, is watching.

Thank you dear for praying for me.
Long to be with you again, sharing our lives in Christ together.


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