Sunday, August 13, 2017

Book Review: Sadhu Sundar Singh: A Biography of the Remarkable Indian Disciple of Jesus Christ (1992)

Sadhu Sundar Singh: A Biography of the Remarkable Indian Disciple of Jesus Christ (1992)
by Phyllis Thompson

What a man! What a book! Biography is one of my favourite genres, this one is superb! Dr. Thomas Chung came to my office one day, and said, "You got to read this biography [together with a biography of John Sung]. You gonna love it!" I've read it, and I love it. This week is very heavy for me, lots of issues burden by heart, mind and emotion. The life of Sundar Singh is like a God-given encouragement and inspiration for me to not give up on life and ministry and to turn my eyes once again upon Jesus Christ, the Lord.

I'm gonna make it a must to read this biography (and those of Charles H. Spurgeon’s, my favourite) every year. Rev Dr. Hwa Yung, bishop of the Methodist Church in Malaysia, writes, "Sundar Singh... read the Bible through Asian eyes, took the supernatural and the Holy Spirit seriously, and the rest followed. His ministry was marked by regular contact with the spiritual realm through visions, angelic encounters and the miraculous."

I will not write a lengthy summary of this book, for I think the Sadhu's life and ministry is too amazing to describe in less than 1,000 words. All I can say for now is, read, search and discover about this man of God. Not so much of knowing him per se, but so that by knowing him you may know the God of Sadhu Sundar Singh, Jesus Christ the Lord.

Before the mysterious disappearance of Sadhu, he quoted Acts 20:24 to his family and friends, as a summary of his mission: "I consider my life as worth nothing to myself, in order to finish my mission and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God."

Amen :)

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