Saturday, September 23, 2017

Pray for China: Jesus Appears to a Shaman

Ting (not a real name) made a living summoning the darkness. As the local Shaman, villagers in her surrounding area of northwest China would seek her out for the wisdom of the spirits.  And their requests were many: Who should I marry? What must I do to be successful? What does my future hold? Why am I sick? Have I offended the spirits? Ting delighted in her success. Word of her abilities drove thousands of the curious and desperate to seek her divine counsel, which she was eager to give. But only for a price. And then the spirits demanded a price of their own…

Without warning, Ting’s health started to deteriorate. In just over the course of a few days, she was bed-ridden and completely paralyzed. Her illness perplexed doctors. No one had any answers, and they were running out of time. Every passing moment could be Ting’s last. She couldn’t even speak of her agony. Or her fear of death, which seemed inches away and creeping closer. She fell into a deep sleep. And in the midst of her slumber, she heard a voice summoning her in her dreams. Ting says,

I was in the back seat of a taxi as my brother drove me towards an endless darkness. But then three men, who were wearing brilliant white robes, approached. But their light was so bright, I couldn’t see their faces. They told me I must make a choice. And as they spoke, two other men wearing black robes invited me to follow them. I knew in my heart one of the men wearing a white robe was Jesus. So I followed Him.”

When Ting woke up, she found she could move. Miraculously, her body was working again, and she felt her strength returning. Ting immediately remembered her dream. And she knew she’d made the right choice when she followed the man in white. In her heart-of-hearts, Ting knew He was the power behind her restored body. He was the reason she was alive. And she was eager to place her life into His hands. So Ting immediately gave her heart to Jesus.

Jesus had appeared to her. And He had healed her. And because of this one monumental encounter, without any other shred of evidence, she was willing to risk everything. When her family abused her, she could’ve denied Christ, and saved herself from tremendous pain. Like the seed sown among the rocks, Ting could have given up when persecution came (Mark 4:17-19). But she endured, holding fast to the Word of God who became flesh within her as she dreamed upon her death bed. A dream that changed everything. Without God’s radical intervention, how else would Ting have believed?

Believers in Ting’s area of China face the most severe persecution.  And much like Ting’s experience, the persecution is driven on a personal level—from friends, family members and the community. Conversion to Christianity is an utter disgrace—a slap to the face of the family and a treasonous act to the community. If Christians are discovered, they will be disowned by their loved ones. And banished into exile. Ting knew the risk. But Jesus had moved so powerfully in her life—through her dream—she no longer wanted to summon the darkness. But to serve her Saviour. Our Saviour.


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