Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Jesus' Leadership #20 With or Without Someone Else, Just Do It

With or without someone else. A leader must be so committed to a project or plan that he is willing to do it with or without someone else. Young David did not turn to see if the troops were following him when he went out to meet the giant Goliath. He was not even a king but merely a shepherd boy at the time he took on the giant. He became king after he went out alone.

Jesus was committed to healing, teaching and preaching regardless of whether his disciples came along. He would have done the calling before him with or without Peter and John. Once when Jesus send the Twelve apostles to proclaimed the good news of the Kingdom of God, he, I assumes was doing ministry all alone (see Mark 6:7 and 6:30). Jesus often “made his disciples get into the boat and go before him to the other side” so that he can minister to the people without them before “he went up on the mountain to pray” alone (see Mark 6:45-47). Either his disciples was with him or not, he still have compassion for the people. Either people believe in him or not, he still preached the Kingdom of God. Jesus could fulfilled his calling with or without others. He is able, he can do it, but of course – he won’t.

Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of late president of America Franklin D. Roosevelt, was one of the greatest leaders of her time, personally supported a number of students financially. I once read an article that said a young man remembered getting cheque for $75 a month, made and signed by Eleanor Roosevelt on her personal account. He said he received those checks for years, even after she ceased to be the First Lady. It would been much easier for her to use government funds or to refer to some giant scholarship committee, maybe even ask for sponsors on behalf of the First Lady. However, she was personally committed to education and supporting students she felt were worthy. She supported more than 25 students out of her personal funds. She was willing to help the students with or without someone else.

What commitment are you willing to make happen with or without someone else?
Oh, it would be better if you can do it with others… but if they can’t or don’t, you just do it!

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