Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Book Review: Journey of Grace and Growth: Essays in Honour of Koichi Ohtawa (2017)

Journey of Grace and Growth:
Essays in Honour of Koichi Ohtawa
by Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Singapore

This book is a collection of writings by various FES staff leaders from all over East Asia. It is published in honour of Koichi Ohtawa (or Ohtawa-san), former FES Regional Secretary of East Asia and now as spiritual director. Last April 2017 marked his 75th birthday and this book is his gift - actually all the writer's appreciations for his gifts in the ministry - for many years investing his life in students, graduates and staffworkers. He never failed "to teach and inspire [us] on the essential issues in discipleship and spirituality."

I'm not claiming to know Ohtawa-san intimately, but I have met him personally. He is a gentle man in his manners but quite firm in his voice; he is a humble and free spirited man but a man of discipline indeed; he is a good listener but slow to speak... when he speaks, he speaks wisdoms.

Next month, FES Malaysia staff will go for silent retreat and I'm excited to meet Ohtawa-san and his wife, Shioko again. May God raises more men and women of God like Ohtawa-san who know the Way and lead us to this "journey of grace and growth."

Thank you to all the writers for your helpful essays and to FES Singapore for taking the initiative to published this book and for giving us for free during IFES East Asia Regional Conference (EARC) 2017 at South Korea

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