Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Book Review: Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn (2015)

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn:
Life's Greatest Lessons Are Gained from Our Losses
by John C. Maxwell

When I first became trainee as Assistant Manager at GSC Times Square, KL few years ago, I knew that I don't have experience as a leader at workplace. At school, yes; campus, oh yeah; workplace, not so much (part-time doesn't count). One of books on leadership that was very helpful for me during that challenging time is John C. Maxwell's Ultimate Leadership (2007), a 544 pages book! I underlines, highlighted and taking notes. Bulky book, a bible on leadership (second on the list is Gene Wilkes's Jesus on Leadership). Any books by John C. Maxwell will never fail you, this I'm quite sure. Without exception, Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn is one of the best. Want to know what this book is all about? Read the title and subtitles below - and you'll know what it is all about:

Chapter #1 When You're Losing, Everything Hurts
#2 Humility: The Spirit of Learning
#3 Reality: The Foundation of Learning
#4 Responsibility: The First Step of Learning
#5 Improvement: The Focus of Learning
#6 Hope: The Motivation of Learning
#7 Teachability: The Pathway of Learning
#8 Adversity: The Catalyst for Learning
#9 Problems: Opportunities for Learning
#10 Bad Experiences: The Perspective for Learning
#11 Change: The Price of Learning
#12 Maturity: The Value of Learning
#13 Winning Isn't Everything, But Learning Is

Good book! :)

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