Sunday, December 24, 2017

Book Review: Battlefield of the Mind, Devotional (2005) by Joyce Meyer

Battlefield of the Mind: Devotional (2005) by Joyce Meyer 

I know that Joyce Meyer are called 'false teacher', 'false prophet' and 'The Reptilian Anointing' person on YouTube, even on the Internet. I know that. But I read her books anyway. If you were to check all the writers and speakers and scrutinized all the things they said, be it John Piper, John MacArthur, Francis Chan, etc., you name it, you'll always find error and fault in them. For me, to read a book, I must look at the big picture or theme and not to be bogged down with small details. Unless I read the Bible, then I must be both look at big picture and examine the details. Okay?

First, I listened to audiobook Battlefield of the Mind, then I read this devotional book. What a blessing! Proverb 23:7 say, "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he." Meaning, whatever we focus on, we become. Wherever we put our energies or our attention, those things will develop. Where the mind goes, the man follows! Powerful Biblical principle but not many Christians take care of their minds. Hey, we must not forget that the mind is a battlefield. On the back cover: "Life catches us off guard at times. We might find ourselves in doubt, afraid, and confused. Sometimes, it even feels like we're under attack - and that's because we are! A war is waged in our minds, and the enemy uses every tool at his disposal to weaken out outlook and our relationship with God. But we have been given the power to fight back. And we must fight back one day at a time, one battle at a time."

These 100 insights from Joyce Meyer (filled with Bible verses and as I checked, she handled it reverently and in simple terms) will change the way we think. Each reading offers us strength, encouragement and most important, triumph in the battlefield of our minds! I read 5 insights a day, so I finished the book in less than a month. This good!

[P.s: another book that I would like to recommend on the subject of the mind is by James Allan entitled As A Man Thinketh. I know, I read these controversial books... Well, I'm a rebellious reader]


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